Ah, the merch table. It’s one of the best ways to get face-to-face with your fans and make a little scratch on the side. It can also be an awkward, inconvenient pain in the ass. Carrying around dozens of heavy items in a busted cardboard box from gig to gig. Lugging crates of discs with cases that shatter as soon as you look at ‘em.

Now, there’s a way to make the merch table what it was always meant to be.

introducing pxlclix!

pxlclix is a new artist-developed streaming video platform that puts you in control of how your work is seen. It’s a secure code-based delivery system that gives your fans a way to enjoy your content without physical media. It’s a way to give your audience more of what they want, when they want it—without the bulk, cost, and loss potential of discs and tchotchkes.

how pxlclix works

Our platform hosts your video—whether it’s your latest special, behind-the-scenes footage, or set-in-development. Then, we act as the gatekeepers to your content, administrating access through key codes that you control. That’s right. No impossible monetization or user agreements dictated by impersonal tech behemoths. It’s your work, and you make the call for how much it’s worth to your fans.

When you’re on the road, you’re a crew of one. Boxes full of merch can slow you down—taking time away that you can use to connect with your fans. With pxlclix, you can carry an evening’s worth of goods in a shoulder bag that can be stashed away during a set or under a car seat as you motor away to the next club.

• Give your special legs – You spent good money committing your set to video—make it live beyond its premiere. pxlclix cards give your new fans a chance to see it time and time again.
• Make your older material evergreen – Older specials and appearances gathering dust in the archives? Have them earn money for you by bringing them to pxlclix.
• Make it easy for your fans to keep in touch – Your pxlclix content is also plugged in to your social media channels, giving your fans a one-stop-shop for new material and where you’re heading next.
• Competitive margins – pxlclix cards stand toe-to-toe with merch standbys like shirts and discs. The profit potential is up to you.
• Easy to transport – With pxlclix, you don’t have to figure out how to transport your goods with you. A 100-card stash can easily fit into the pocket of your weekend bag.

no downloads = greater control

pxlclix is a true streaming service that doesn’t allow downloading. That means your material won’t be uploaded to every outlet and torrent site the second it’s released. pxlclix makes it harder to steal and nearly impossible to distribute your work without your knowledge. Only fans who use your key codes get into the club. And streaming is a breeze with Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay.

Things can get crammed enough in a single van with several people and a band’s worth of gear. The last thing you need is more boxes of merch to haul around. pxlclix makes it easy to add more value to your table without adding extra bulk.

• Add more value to your releases – By adding a pxlclix release of videos, behind-the-scenes material, and live footage to your latest album, you give your new fans a reason to buy at your gig—or for your existing fans to buy your record again for the first time.
• Dust off older material – Old videos don’t make any money sitting on a shelf or in a hard drive. We’ll upload them as a compilation so you can give your devoted fans a chance to see the long lost content they crave.
• Keep your fans connected – Your pxlclix release isn’t just a one-time purchase—it’s an active portal to your social accounts at Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and more. We also make it easy for your audience to join your email list with an address and a click.
• High-Quality Card Design – Whether it’s the art from your latest album, a special tour graphic, or something completely unique, each pxlclix card stands on its own as a fan collectible.
• Easy to transport – More durable than CD cases and less temperature-sensitive than vinyl, pxlclix cards can hold up to the rigors of the road. Store them anywhere and take them with you wherever you go.

valuable merch at competitive costs

Each key code stands on its own as a sellable piece of entertainment for your fans—printed on high-quality cards with art that either you or we create. But that’s only the beginning. You can also request codes to attach to your existing merchandise or to sell through your current website. If you can think of it, we can help you do it.

It all comes together to give you an easy-to-carry, easy-to-sell, and easy-to-sign item that turns each “great set!” and “I just want to shake your hand” into a sale for you and a meaningful memento for each fan.

With today’s technology, it’s easier and more economical than ever to be a filmmaker. However, distributing your film can still be daunting. Make your work too accessible, and it loses the ability to earn you money. Make it hard to see, and it can easily be forgotten. pxlclix makes it easy to get your creation in front of your fans and decision-makers, without setting it loose for free.

• We handle the video upload and hosting – pxlclix is your one-stop distribution solution. All you need to do is do is upload your video to our secure Dropbox—we’ll give it a safe, reliable home.
• Secure distribution – Only those who have a key code can access your film, giving you peace of mind that you know exactly who is enjoying and evaluating your work.
• An easy way to deliver rewards—If you’ve raised money for your project using Kickstarter or Indiegogo, pxlclix cards are an easy and secure way to give your fundraisers exclusive content—anything and everything from behind-the-scenes footage and featurettes to your fully completed film. 
• Connect with your new fans – By unlocking their pxlclix codes, your audience has access to all of your social media channels as well a way to join your email list—giving you opportunities to carry them along to each new milestone of your career.
• Create a unique calling card – It’s not a disc, and it’s not just a code on a card. We can help you create a unique and attention-grabbing collectible that serves as a gateway to your work. You can start with a standard postcard-sized mini-poster, but the options are truly endless. Whatever idea you have, we can work with you to make it a reality. 

get ready to click

Check out all of the specific ways that pxlclix can help you do more and make more with less hassle.

When you’re ready, we’re ready to find a pxlclix solution that clicks for you.

It’s time to ditch the disc and tshove the tchotchkes. It’s time for pxlclix.

Your creativity is your calling card to the world. Whether you’re behind the camera or in front of it, your combined body of work is what keeps you fresh on the minds of those that need your talent. With pxlclix, you can make sure that your best material reaches the people you want to work with next. From actors to directors, producers to writers, pxlclix has a secure solution for how you present yourself to the world.

• Be selective about who sees your reel – Rather than uploading everything to a public website or a free streaming service, pxlclix allows you to be selective to who sees your work. Only those that have a unique streaming code can have access.
• New reels, same codes – The freshest work gets the most notice. Through pxlclix, you can upload your latest collections without having to replace codes. That way, you don’t have to worry about decision makers having old material.
• Cards that command attention– pxlclix cards are made to be noticed. Even better, they’re made to be saved. We’ll work with you to create a card with distinctive design and exceptional quality.
• Competitive cost – With pxlclix taking care of uploading and hosting your material, as well as creating streaming codes, printing cards, and acting as gatekeepers to your content with one single cost, all you need to focus on is distribution.
• Centralized contacts – pxlclix also acts as your hub for knowing who has registered to see your reel—along with all the contact information you need to keep in touch.

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